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Heh, talk about lack of updates and you have this site :/.

Wow, long time since last update. The MOD hasn't been going anywhere. I've heard it crashes in newest version of HL, but I am unsure myself. Maybe I will try to get the MOD back on track :)

Wow, long time since last update! What can I say cept for... "I been busy!". Work creeps along with RM. I have put together some better looking buttons for RM menus. Plus, I made my own backround :). Go to files to get it.

Beta 1.1a released! In this version, you will find that its much more stabe, and can be used with teams more reliably. Go to files page to download.

Work continues to drag on as bugs get worked out and ideas roll in. Got my Voodoo2's working now :)

Well work is slowly moving along for RM. Still getting bugs worked out. And I am still trying to get my Voodoo2's to work together...I dont have the right cable so I am trying to make one up.

Welcome to the Half-Life Rail-Match website. Although still under construction, I will post news on the mod and tell you about new features and ect. Beta 1 is available under the files section.